Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Steph Greegor returns to emcee our event this June

The Organizing Committee is honored and excited to announce that Steph Greegor will be returning as our emcee for the 2012 Make CF History Charity Classic Hockey Tournament this June!

This year Steph joins us as a contributor to FoxSportsOhio.com (covering the Columbus Blue Jackets), and will once again be our honorable emcee throughout the weekend.  With many of the details for the weekend's schedule still being determined, you can count on seeing Steph at the Easton Chiller with us, enjoying all of the action and fun. You can also follow Steph on Twitter (@Greegor23) to get the latest news and coverage of the Columbus Blue Jackets, as well as a few tweets on our event.

We had the good fortune of having Steph's support of our inaugural event last June, which went way beyond the role of emcee.  As a writer for The Other Paper, she worked with us in the weeks leading up to the event and throughout the event weekend, committing her time, energy and passion for hockey by serving as our emcee and host at our venues.  It is only with Stephanie’s partnership and support that we were able to achieve our fund raising and community relations goals.

Steph's partnership and support is invaluable for an event like ours, and for our cause to help in the fight to find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis.  We are delighted and honored to have her back with us this June!