2012 Tournament Results

Congratulations to our 2012 Champions!

Experienced Division Champions

Team AmeriTitle Hatrick Swayze

Intermediate Division Champions

The Puck Hogs

Friday June 8th

Game #Teams and Result
Game 1Barons 4 TIE Team Nationwide 4
Game 2Mad Cows 3 TIE AmeriTitle Hatrick Swayze 3
Game 3Puck Hogs 9 def. Monday Knights 0
Game 4CH Robinson Detroit 13 def. Triple Scoregasm 3

Saturday June 9th

Game #Teams and Result
Game 5Triple Scoregasm 3 def. Mad Cows 1
Game 6CH Robinson Detroit 5 def. AmeriTitle Hatrick Swayze 3
Game 7Monday Knights 11 def. Barons 0
Game 8Puck Hogs 10 def. Team Nationwide 3

Skills Skills Competition for Players
CH Robinson Detroit wins Skills Competition (#)

Game 9Puck Hogs 8 def. Barons 0
Game 10Monday Knights 5 def. Team Nationwide 4
Game 11AmeriTitle Hatrick Swayze 10 def. Triple Scoregasm 0
Game 12Mad Cows 9 def. CH Robinson Detroit 7

(#) Skills Competition Results
TeamShot Accuracy
Hardest Shot
Total Points
CH Robinson Detroit8 pts
8 pts ($)
6 pts 
22 pts
Barons8 pts (@)
4 pts 
6 pts
18 pts
AmeriTitle Hatrick Swayze3 pts
7 pts
8 pts (&)
18 pts
Puck Hogs6 pts 
6 pts
6 pts
18 pts
Mad Cows6 pts
4 pts
6 pts
16 pts
Triple Scoregasm4 pts
5 pts
6 pts
15 pts
Monday Knights2 pts
2 pts
8 pts
12 pts
Team Nationwide1 pts
1 pts
1 pts
3 pts

(@) Barons win Shot Accuracy in playoff (Barie)
($) CH Robinson win Hardest Shot (Van Buskirk - 90 MPH)
(&) AmeriTitle win Break-away Challenge in playoff (Betts)

Sunday June 10th

Game #Teams and Result
Game 13Int. Div. Consolation Game:
Team Nationwide 5 def. Barons 2
Game 14Int. Div. Championship Game:
Puck Hogs 5 def. Monday Knights 3
Game 15Exp. Div. Consolation Game:
Triple Scoregasm 5 def. Mad Cows 2
Game 16Exp. Div. Championship Game:
AmeriTitle Hatrick Swayze 8 def. CH Robinson Detroit 6

Congratulations to AmeriTitle Hatrick Swayze and The Puck Hogs, our 2012 Champions!

Thank you to all of our players, volunteers, sponsors and the Organizing Committee for all of their support and participation!